Ca Pietra

“We are Ca’ Pietra, a family business celebrating 30 years of being at the forefront of tile and stone design. From statement on-trend tiling to classic stone, we’ve got it all. Inspired by the beauty of nature, we are committed to craftsmanship, quality, design and manufacturing. We adore the beauty of natural stone, interesting patterns and always making a statement. Our wide range of tile and stone will transform any space into a warm, welcoming home bursting with wow factor.”

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Lilypad Porcelain

This collection offers staple interior colours, suitable for any kitchen, bathroom or living space. The tiles are machine-made and need little maintenance, making them ideal for wall installation.


Encaustic cement tiles – in which the pattern or figure on the surface is a product of different colours of clay – were first made in Europe in the late 19th century. The term ‘encaustic’ refers to the firing process that burns a glazed pattern onto the surface of a tile. However this term has also been applied to cement tiles with a deep inlaid pattern (rather than a surface glaze). These tiles are compressed in their manufacture, not fired. Mineral pigments are hand-poured into a design mould, the tile is backfilled with cement then set by hydraulic compression before curing.

Interior Decorative

“Our interior decorative collection is spot-on for when you wish to add statement style to your home. Whether it’s a welcoming slogan on the floor as you walk through the door, or an eye-catching splashback, or feature area on walls, add interest to your interior with colour, shape, pattern and print.”